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The Spirit And The Mouse, A “Ratatouille-Esque” Adventure, Scampers To Switch This Fall

As featured in today’s Nintendo Life Indie Spotlight, publisher Armor Games Studios is bringing Alblune Games’ The Spirit and the Mouse to Nintendo Switch in Fall 2022 — and it’s looking like real treat if you developed a penchant for French rodents after watching Pixar’s excellent Ratatouille.

Set in a small French village, the game from the two-person Canadian developer sees you take control of a mouse to explore the provincial setting to solve some light puzzles, spark up new relationships and — apparently — jump into buzzing electrical boxes?! Yes, it seems that the titular mouse here is able to withstand considerable more voltage than your average rodent and travel around by electrical wire. Hey, it’s a video game!

Here are some more details followed by a handful of screens:

Bring kindness and light to the people of Sainte-et-Claire as Lila — a tiny mouse with a big heart! Explore a quaint French village in full 3D, make electrifying new friends, and do good deeds for those in need in this lush narrative adventure game.

While it doesn’t look like you’ll be taking control of any human chefs, we love the warm rodential take the developers have on the mousey protagonist in this adventure. The game arrives in Autumn on Switch and other platforms.

Let us know below if The Spirit and the Mouse has you sniffing the air in anticipation.

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