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The Steam Lunar New Year 2022 is live with colorful cartoon tigers

As any Steam user knows, there’s always another sale right around the corner. Well, not even around the corner. We’re already in the corner, as the Steam Lunar New Year 2022 sale is now live. The sale will last from today until February 3. That means we have a whole week to glance at our carts with uncertainty before the sale ends and we have to remove all the things we couldn’t pull the trigger on. Seriously, I don’t need to buy anything else right now, Steam! Let’s all be cool! Oh, hey, 23 items on my wishlist are discounted. What was I saying?

As with any other sale, Steam’s Lunar New Year 2022 sale offers a great many games from all over the site. Highlighted deals for today include asymmetric horror game Dead by Daylight for $10 USD, Skyrim: Special Edition for $16 USD, and Apex Legends, which is free… Why is this taking up one of the top three spaces? Your guess is as good as mine. All joking aside, the game has a bunch of its packs 30% off, so that’s why. You can browse by genre directly underneath the top spots if you want to see what the sale is offering in that specific wheelhouse.


Steam Lunar New Year 2022 sale is now live

Other featured games include Don’t Starve Together, which is 66% off for $5.09 USD, Warhammer: Vermintide 2 is 75% off at $7.50 USD, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt‘s base game is 80% off at $8 USD (but the GOTY version is only $2 more, so why?), and Day Z is 40% off for $27 USD. As for franchises, specific ones are featured, namely NarutoTom Clancy, and the Borderlands games. In case you were wondering, neither of the NieR games are on sale, so you’re out of luck if you were looking to grab those. At any rate, you’ve got a few days to peruse the site and make up your mind about what you want your backlog to look like.

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