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The Stupid Trailer I Was Talking About

Don’t let Unreal Engine 5 tech demos like this fool you into thinking they’re a real video game.
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25 days ago

Dude, those are the first bosses from the first map in the old game, there are gonna be way more, it is still in alpha testing.

25 days ago

In the comments, 'I can't believe you don't know Vindictus!' There are many similar reactions, but is Vindictus that famous? It was a fairly popular game in Korea, but I didn't expect it to be famous outside of Korea.

25 days ago

Vindictus combat feels very satisfying, the only downside to this game imo is the pay to win aspect, its sad because it could have been a great fucking game

25 days ago

I thought he was old enough and knowledgeable about video games to at least have heard of Vindictus…

25 days ago

Vindictus had excellent boss variety, actually

25 days ago

cant wait to skip this game and watch it fail

25 days ago

Bringing back my character Desdemona. My hammer fiona was a beast, and my shield cancel was one of the best.

25 days ago

Calling a werewolf a furry… Asmongold is, as usual, envious and jealous of good games because they are going to kill his favorite games.

25 days ago

There's a playable pre-alpha demo out, looks just like the trailer.

25 days ago

Vindictus is one of the older action combat online RPGs out there, so old that it was made in Source Engine (The same engine behind Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines, Half-Life 2, and Left 4 Dead, among others).

While Nexon's Pay-2-Win monetization is obviously a thorn in the original Vindictus' side even from way back then, here's hoping Defying Fate isn't AS aggressively Pay-2-Win. Perhaps solve some problems by swapping from Pay-2-Win mechanics like a predatory gear upgrade system to something more modern, like a cosmetics/transmog gacha/lootbox system. I can ignore cosmetics being bound to loot boxes or a gacha, but I can't stand when essential gameplay elements are monetized in a predatory and unfair way.

25 days ago

rare L L L moment for asmon for uncultured about vindictus…

25 days ago

Hm looks fun imo. Will be on the lookout

25 days ago

furry hunter

25 days ago

Says the same guy who asked for a new MMO to look like Final Fantasy XVI🤦. Glad he likes it now tho after trying it lol

25 days ago

I still remeber the beta from vindictus so many years ago. The gameplay in an online mmo-esque game blew me away.

25 days ago

L take lmao. Vindictus was an amazing game.

25 days ago

So many expectations and hopes. I'm very curious if it will work at all.

25 days ago

"한번 뱉은 말은 주워 담을 수 없다"

25 days ago

Turns out its a real video game.

25 days ago

The FlashGitz Black Templars would love this

25 days ago

I haven't played Vindictus in about 3 or so years but let me tell you, it's the one game that I kept coming back to time and time again since it released in the west. I was in high school when the game first came out and I was hooked on the action combat system. Vindictus was ahead of it's time with it's combat and honestly nothing has really achieved the exact level of dynamic combat that Vindictus did. Some games come pretty close but nothing else feels like Vindictus. My only issue is that it's gonna be run by Nexon, which basically means it's gonna be another P2W grind with costumes locked behind lootboxes.

25 days ago

Take a look at vindictus bestiary

25 days ago

Bro this is vindictus, not heard before?

25 days ago

Vindictus 1 was incredibly good fisr 3 years

25 days ago

Idk man, I really love great graphics, now if the gameplay is bad, then yeah the graphics don't matter much, but if the gameplay is there then amazing worlds with great graphical fidelity is like a drug.

25 days ago

Guys, he changed his mind after playing it recently. It's GOTY contender.

25 days ago

Dude. Vindictus DEFINED the meaning of "action combat". Vindictus and Dragon Nest were THE games that gave us unprecedented action combat.

If you started your journey with Vindictus, you couldn't play anything that was tab-targetted. It took a lot of willpower to even get close to the slowpoke gameplay that was tab-target.

25 days ago

I never recovered from breaking my +14 weapon …..

25 days ago

4:20 bro, this game literally has something wow never thought about doing and thats giving a big juiced black man a fat fucking 5metre long pillar to fight with. dont say the combat is bad if u dont even know the original game…

25 days ago

the trailer is a homage on the old vindictus game, everyone that played it knows that the "furry" gnolls are the first area of the game in the trailer they show the first 3-4 bosses of the first gnoll area, its just iconic. everything after that has everything there is, vampires, knights, ogres, angels, demons, mages, dragons, dominatrixes.. whatever you can think of, there is enemys in the game!

25 days ago

youre just talking non sense at this point

25 days ago

Vintictus was good gameplay dragged down by mtx.

25 days ago

vindictus combat was godly

25 days ago

The game is pretty fun though even in pre alpha, seems very promising if they bring in all of the combos and characters from the original game. Again it is pre alpha, the enemy variation will expand, the game will expand. They already have a play test that opened up today and ends March 18th go and try it, it has the potential there it just needs some love.

25 days ago

Nexon is making this game so its probably gonna be shit

25 days ago

He has no fucking idea what is he talking about

25 days ago

Seems cool but I'm disappointed that it isn't Vindictus 2

25 days ago

oh wow Asmon you wast see the game from the 2010? called "Vindictus"? its a Action MMOrpg

25 days ago

I hope this comes to console and cross play. I use to play the Mage/scyth user and she was amazing

25 days ago

steams refund program stops scammers from making money…

25 days ago

Know Nothing about vindictus, is it obvious? You just don't know what is Vindictus 😁 normal reaction.

25 days ago

I only believed BDO have that kind of combat the rest is just a promotional video for their game

25 days ago

after Nexon got outed for scamming the loot and gachapon pay to win and drop rate systems to 0% with their "dynamic rng" system so i wont be playing anything that has Nexons Stink on it ever again…

25 days ago

After all that time you spent on MMOs, how do you not know Vindictus tho?

25 days ago

웨스트 히키코모리놈이 뭘 알겠노 ㅋㅋㅋ

25 days ago

Can't wait for the inevitable "So I was wrong about Vindictus: Defying Fate" apology video. It's a miracle how a 14 year old game, that was one of the first games ever to introduce borderline revolutionary combo-oriented combat and skills in an RPG, went completely under Asmon's radar. I guess it just goes to show that even the biggest influencers can be wrong within their own specialty.