The Wayward Realms, the RPG from former Elder Scrolls devs, is ‘several more years’ away

OnceLost Games, the studio formed by former lead developers of the original Elder Scrolls games, has announced its new RPG: The Wayward Realms. The singleplayer RPG is set in an open world consisting of over 100 islands called The Archipelago “where scores of factions vie for influence and power.” Players won’t be bound to specific character classes but can make their own with “customized skills and abilities” and the world will react differently to “a socializing aristocrat, a thief entrenched in underworld conspiracies, a scholar collecting ancient artifacts, or whatever role you craft for yourself.”

That all sounds great to us. Unfortunately, for those eager to get their hands on the open world RPG, The Wayward Realms is most likely still several years away. 

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