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There are ‘no plans’ to cancel Xbox consoles

We’re still awaiting Xbox’s ‘business update’, during which Microsoft will make its plans for future multiplatform games clear, after a string of leaks and rumours sent Xbox fans into a furore last week. In the meantime, we’re hearing more about discussions going on internally at Xbox, including assurances from higher-ups that Xbox consoles will continue to exist. 

With Microsoft mulling over a shift to multiplatform game development, the future of Xbox consoles has been uncertain. Without any exclusive games, selling custom hardware at a loss makes less sense, especially when those same games can be played on a competing platform, or on a PC. However, in recent days, it has come to light that the rumours may have got a bit out of hand. While some games will be going multiplatform, Microsoft will still continue to develop exclusive games for Xbox consoles and PC.

As reported by Shannon Liao, Microsoft Gaming CEO, Phil Spencer, held an internal meeting at Xbox last week, during which employees were informed that there are “no plans” to stop making Xbox consoles, adding that the system will remain as part of Microsoft’s multi-device strategy.

Earlier leaks from the Microsoft v FTC trial show that Microsoft already has plans for new Xbox consoles, with the next-gen system set to debut in 2028, shifting towards all-digital and doing away with physical games for good. Microsoft is already preparing for this future right now, with upcoming titles like Hellblade 2: Senua’s Sacrifice set to be digital-only, with no physical disc release planned.

KitGuru Says: We’ll be getting official updates from Xbox later this week to finally clear the air after a long week of rumours. One thing is pretty clear though, fans finally want answers and assurances on Microsoft’s exclusive games strategy, as things have been in flux, especially in light of Microsoft acquiring Activision Blizzard and being forced to offer content parity with competing platforms for games like Call of Duty. 

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