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10 days ago

Wokeism has killed talent in every industry.

10 days ago

Yeah when your economy is in shambles you really should expect graphics downgrades like this

10 days ago

It’s nice to see the quality of games improve over time, this new Batman game looks a lot better than that old suicide squad game

10 days ago

ngl I enjoyed both

10 days ago

This literaly looks like fortnite gameplay, why does game industry looks exactly like movies

10 days ago

0:34 i can't forgive them for taking the ass away

10 days ago

It's all about budgeting priorities.

They've paid 100 times more for marketing and kickbacks to diversity groups than they have to development.

Marketing should account for 30% of your budget MAX when creating a product.

Good products can get by with 10% or less. Mediocre products can get by with 20-30%

Bad products will never do well even with most of the budget going to marketing like these types of games.

10 days ago

the combat looks so much more fun in Arkham then suicide squad

10 days ago

Arkham Knight was ahead of its time, shows only that those devs were real pros. Western devs are able to make insane good graphics and games..but whats the crestfallen state of west gaming companies is all about? How we can get those masterminds back to behind desk and making us the best games ever, even better than asian devs !?!

10 days ago

remember to change the tittle in 2025 to 10 years to demonstrate how bad its ssktjl

10 days ago

Shows you how important contrast is.

10 days ago



10 days ago

9y ago they would use the last single drop of every tech feature they had, now they just don't want to spend time to make the games more detailed and fun, they just drop any kind of shit in the market and most people find it awesome!

10 days ago

We all came here for one thing

10 days ago

Think it's some kind of tax scam. Tanking a company like that. Probably needs to be fully investigated by the irs

10 days ago

Suicide squad looks plastic

10 days ago

you could tell me this is the new fornite season i would 100% believe you.

10 days ago

Can you guess whitch one is from 2015? Im leaning towards suicide squad.

10 days ago

Arkham Knight looks incredible

10 days ago

Old Harley Quinn's fighting style fits her so much more

10 days ago

4:41 bruhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

10 days ago

Enjoying job vs Doing job for money (with bad igeology)

10 days ago

It’s scary at the 9 year old Batman game holds up better visually than it’s much more recent soft continuation heck I’d say even Arkham city which is 13 years old holds up better visually compared to suicide squad

10 days ago

they nerfed the cake

10 days ago


10 days ago
10 days ago

for the plot

10 days ago

We didn't know how good we had it back then.

10 days ago
10 days ago

new devs………..its important to make female characters look like shit and use little effort in making actual art

10 days ago

Well Xbox 360 was peak because people tried to make games now people don't power dose not matter if you think your to strong to even try to use it 4k looks like shit optimization blurry frame rate randomly crashes I was play 360 games for 10 hours not one crash wtf ps5 can't even run Roblox without crashing

10 days ago

Man, what happened Rocksteady?What happened? ?