This 3dfx ruse is so cruel because I just want its new GPUs to be true

The cruelest thing about the whole 3dfx comeback ruse is that we’re all kinda desperate for it to be true. At a time where it’s arguably as hard as it’s ever been to buy a new graphics card, the idea of having another option is tantalising. That’s why we’re all so keen to see what Intel’s Xe DG2 discrete cards can actually offer, and why it behoves the erstwhile CPU manufacturer to get a move on and get it out into the market.

So when @3dfxofficial popped up on Twitter last week promising that “3dfx Interactive is coming back, 20 years later,” there was a mix of incredulity and guarded excitement. It teased an announcement for August 5th, but with nothing but a Twitter slideshow that reads like a bad pitch from the Shark Tank (or Dragon’s Den, for my UK droogs) to show for it, I think we can now be pretty confident we’re not going to be getting a whole new range of Voodoo graphics accelerators.

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