This builder snuck a whole-ass gaming PC inside an Xbox 360

PC cases these days are all about showing off: tempered glass panels, RGB lighting, sleek metal designs like alien spacecraft, the works. Many builders, however, buck the trends in order to create the most ludicrous “sleeper PCs” with high end hardware cloaked in outdated or unassuming cases, like some kind of warrior monk incognito.

Enter YouTuber Tech By Matt (opens in new tab)‘s Ryzen, RTX gaming PC in the, uh, hottest small form factor chassis around: the OG Xbox 360 case. Those original model 360s were decimated by the Red Ring of Death, a hardware failure brought on by the console’s poor ventilation frying the components with excessive temps. In an act of hubris out of a Greek tragedy, Matt gutted his childhood console that’s survived since ’09 and replaced the innards with bigger, stronger, hotter components that were never meant to squeeze in there.

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