This guy made a real-life aimbot

Play competitive videogames long enough and you’ll eventually run into some yahoo who’s clearly using an aimbot to automatically line up perfect shots. It turns out you can cheat in real life, too. YouTuber Shane Wighton of Stuff Made Here has taken things to the next level with an IRL aimbot bow and arrow that can bullseye a LEGO man or moving target from about ten paces.

(Image credit: Stuff Made Here/YouTube)

Inspired by his wife, who did archery growing up, Wighton (who did not) wanted to make an automatically aiming bow that would be able to compete at a meaningful level with a relatively accomplished human. Though bows have been around for centuries, they’re deceptively tough instruments to master, requiring a lot of strength, precision, and at least an intuitive understanding of physics and energy dispersal.

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