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This is BEAUTIFUL!! || “Your Color” Acheron Trailer – MUSIC Reaction

Holy Crap. This is VERY well done.

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23 days ago

The blackhole and violin reminds me of Interstellar.

23 days ago

Bro literally trying to pull all the musical terms and characteristics out of 10 Secs of music and not actually listening to the whole . Instead of listening all the way through and having context with the whole of it all.

23 days ago

at 2:57 you can actually see self-annihilator its quite faint but visible

23 days ago

marco? will you give honkai impact part 2 a shot?

23 days ago

I can feel inazuma's theme clearly

23 days ago

I love how when the black hole showed up, there's no noise for a couple sec

23 days ago

I love those EDM drills that sound like a tyre squeal, they match the kind of build up of her movements like the swordstokes themselves are a burnout. She swings the sword and it's only when she resheathes it that the brake gets let off and the cuts complete, dealing damage. It's such a crazy visual.

23 days ago

I think you've nailed Acheron personalization. Strength in the face of danger, sensuality, empathy, jadedness even to the point of whimsy, complexity

23 days ago

I suppose Acheron Mirror Raiden Shogun that sad, painful past memory…. and the commercial girl looks a lot like Raiden Mei… all incarnation of the same character

23 days ago

Masterpiece recomendations:
Aion – The Still Sad World (2 versions – acapella and with instruments)
Aion – Sarpan Fortress (suite version). This tracks i deffinetly want in Warframe. They are very suitable to the Warframe lore))))
This 2 track still in my memories from ages ago

Some Warhammer 40k musicals
Stringstorm – Rylanor's Last Stand
Stringstorm – Mounth of shame.
and…… A some warhammer battle rap
Stringstorm – Titanicus
Stringstorm – Imperial Fists.

You deffinetly won't be the same person after)))

23 days ago

7:30 Saying that the music represents getting "ripped apart" fits her character and the "nihility" theme so well. The overwhelming weight of a black hole which rips apart everything including one's hopes and dreams is just like Acheron's character. Nice video!

23 days ago

That beat gives me chills

23 days ago

React to Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous music, it is under appreciated.

23 days ago

I'd love to see your analysis on Steven Universe songs, especially "What's the use of feeling (blue)", since it's very closely related to opera.

23 days ago

Also not sure if anyone has pointed it out this yet, but when Acheron starts to fight with "Blade" the music has his trailer's motif.

23 days ago

this ost was so well done esp the edm drop at the end i was literally FIENDING LMAO i need hoyo to do more (full length) edm tracks like this bc this scratches my edm brain in jus the right spot…

23 days ago

I'd love to see you react to Samudrartha

23 days ago

Please watch Twisted Garden, good video btw 😊

23 days ago

Bro you are amazing keep up the good work, would be nice if you could react to (WISH ME LUCK from War Thunder) or War Thunder in general

23 days ago

Couls you react to rain world downpour songs??

23 days ago

one ost that i would like you to check out is from mgsv called "beautiful mirage" really beautiful soundtrack that i just couldnt stop listening to. the whole mgsv soundtrack is beautiful but if i had to choose only one? it would be beautiful mirage 100%.

23 days ago

On quite a different style, I would advise you the Rome total War track from Jeff Van Dyck !

23 days ago

6.36 look at his glasses thats so coool

23 days ago

I love the format of seeing the trailer with the song together, it brings more context within the song, I hope if you can do this with the Guilty Gear trailers, I sometimes see you lost with the wiki in those videos but they have a clear direction with the trailers, g8 video as always!!

23 days ago

im obsessed with 6:54. it sounds like the music is also getting sucked in

23 days ago

Try epilogue from ds3 next time. I would love to watch such a beautiful piece analysed by you. It's kinda slept on bc it is the last soundtrack of ds3

23 days ago

The weirdest thing is that the animated one is apparently Robin? I haven't played 2.1 yet, but I am ??? flabberghasted about this as I genuinely thought it was going to be a Mei and Ei type beat which I would have LOVED to see in a different tone but I'm so interested inseeing the significance of Robin and Sparkle in this.

23 days ago

I managed to get her and her LC, so now I have my DoT team of Acheron, Kafka, Black Swan, and Huohuo.

23 days ago

I love the juxtaposition of the explosion swelling and the music's climax. You think of explosion you think of the release of energy and so you would imagine the music would continue to rise in volume or pitch ending in an explosive finish (using maybe percussion or a heavy bass) but instead the energy of the music just disapates. It builds and climbs just to simply dissappear

23 days ago

This was epic 👏

23 days ago

well if it was the real 3 .Acheron would have had some issues. this was mostly sparkles work lol

23 days ago

Dragon Age Original main Theme
And also Snowbreak: Containment Zone’s “Fimbulvetr” are really lovely tracks if you wanna check them out 👌

23 days ago

I would love to get your reaction to the Little Nightmares scores.
Little Nightmares
Little Nightmares 2

23 days ago

6:38 The fact you can see the slash in his glasses is so cool!

23 days ago

6:49 If you ever wonder how a black hole sound, I feel that build up is it.

23 days ago

Am I the only one that didn't really liked the music in this one? I think the dance with Black Swan had much better music, I'm no expert tho, it's just that I really expected something else.

23 days ago

Its quite funny, how a Mei can be so tragic and empty without a Kiana. Raiden Ei was dull and obsessed with Eternity. Acheron Mei is haunted by the torment of losing her own world, and turning to Nihility to empty her emotions.

23 days ago

I think it's not a spoiler at all to say that now her name makes perfect sense to me. The River Acheron is the way to the Underworld in Greek myth that souls travel on, and since they chose that name there's every possibility when she says "Don't look back" that Orpheus and Euridice's story may be relevant to her story, and a black hole isn't totally unlike the inescapable Underworld

23 days ago

you should check Blade's trailer, it's SO cool.

23 days ago

This piece of music is created by the same musician who created White Night, TSAR. He's been a member of Hoyo-Mix for quite a long time.

23 days ago

Please react to Treasure Planet soundtracks

23 days ago

Everyone wanna test acheron so bad and end up dead or mentally traumatized 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

23 days ago

When the black hole appears and the audio starts breaking apart, I am stunned by the power of the skips in the audio. Those brief moments of silence show the imperceptible power of nothingness taking over even the melody. The volume and tone rise quickly reminds me of speeding up out of control until you are past the point of no return, as if you understand what it feels like to pass into the event horizon with no hope of returning. What a powerful use of music by the Hoyoverse team!

23 days ago

In JP and I suspect CN as well, you will hear her voice in ad

23 days ago

fun fact: madlads in hoyoverse made this trailer go perfectly with Bury the Light.

23 days ago

Penacony made me come back to the game and have been so invested. The style, the animations, the music, all of it has been such an amazing trip. Mihoyo set the bar very high.

23 days ago

describing Acheron as "whatever" really does make sense too gosh

23 days ago

Yessss I was hoping you would do this one!! What a journey we went on in those few minutes.

23 days ago

Hvy's honkai team has been on a roll with these trailers lately, they're at a quality never seen before from hoyoverse's trailers. Their absolute best work, nothing from their other games comes close. I watched Chiori's trailer after and lmao what a stark contrast, I forgot that trailer not even 5 minutes after watching it

23 days ago

I loved the way they did the music in this trailer. It almost felt like we experience gaps in the melody because parts of it are missing, which is reminiscent of the character herself. There's a lot of still and calmness, which is reflected in her nihility, while also having moments of violent energy when she is stirred to action.

Good luck your pulls everyone, and if you're passing because she doesn't fit your comps or you're dodging meta, /salute.