This Minecraft 3D graphing calculator is hypnotic and beautiful

People have been building calculators in Minecraft for over a decade: Ever since the introduction of Redstone (a block that essentially conducts electricity), it’s become a common challenge for players to set themselves. There’s even a wiki page dedicated to it.

Calculators are their own branch of hardware design, even though now they’re incorporated into every device we use, with a fascinating history of upgrades: one of the key innovations being the graphing calculator. The idea for a calculator that could visually represent functions rather amazingly dates back to 1921, when engineer Edith Clarke built the Clarke calculator for General Electric (it was patented in 1925). It was over 60 years later that Casio would release the snappily named fx7000g (1985), the first mass-market graphing calculator and a gorgeously thicc boi—though true fans know that the Texas Instruments TI-81 is the sexiest graphing calculator of all. That screen!

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