This Quake level pack transforms iconic multiplayer maps into thrilling singleplayer death mazes

When I was a kid, I used to boot-up multiplayer maps in games like Counter-Strike and Unreal Tournament and wander around them alone. I loved exploring the design of spaces like Facing Worlds and de_dust2, but was less enthused by the other people trying to kill me in them. I like my FPS enemies to be distinctly non-human, able to blast me into a quivering chunk of meat, but unable to call me “n00b” afterwards.

So it was with considerable joy that I learned about the Remix Jam map pack. It’s the result of a recent level design jam, whereby Quake mappers have taken iconic multiplayer maps, and redesigned them to work as single-player levels. The result is a 30-map Quake episode that takes you on a whistle-stop tour of multiplayer shooter history, with dozens of enemies to blast along the way.

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