This Skyrim third-person mod looks dope

One of the truisms about Bethesda games, and I love them for it, is that they look hilariously bad in third-person. The default first-person perspective? You can almost hear the deep voiceover booming “epic fantasy adventure!” Stick it in third person, and almost immediately the voice transforms into yakety sax music as your avatar stiffly bumbles o’er the landscape.

There are already, of course, a ton of Skyrim mods that make various tweaks to the third-person view (here’s the best of the best Skyrim: SE mods). The big deal with the True Directional Movement mod (first clocked by Eurogamer) is not just that it allows full 360° movement, though this is the core feature. It’s ended up layering a bunch of other additions on top to make it feel like a more contemporary third person action game: such as, for example, a target lock which can also be used for aiming projectiles.

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