This upcoming FPS had me at ‘fully simulated centrifugal gravity space station level’

The devs behind Fortune’s Run (opens in new tab), an upcoming shooter/immersive sim that looks like a grungier The Fifth Element and plays like Jedi Knight at 1.5x speed, just announced a July-September early access release window with a fly-through of one of its early levels. This “ridiculously huge, fully simulated centrifugal gravity space station (opens in new tab)” features a fully-modeled exterior set against the void of space, and strikes me as a fascinating departure from the game’s demo level, Trouble at Club V’heni.

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Set to more of the game’s banger breakcore soundtrack, the trailer weaves in and out of hydroponic labs, long maintenance shafts, and enemy-infested living quarters. I’ve got my fingers crossed that, with all the detail put into the station’s whirring, constantly spinning exterior, we might do a little bit of EVA in the inky black as part of this mission. Whatever the case, I’m just happy to finally see another arena for Fortune’s Run’s pulse pounding swordplay.

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