Thomas the Tank Engine is in Elden Ring now

What is it with Thomas the Tank Engine? The grinning, googly-eyed locomotive is everywhere: Monster Hunter: World, Kingdom Hearts 3, Fallout 4, Resident Evil 2, hell, he’s even in Valheim. And now, courtesy of the new Tree Sentinel Thomas Mod, he has taken his inevitable place in Elden Ring.

A Tree Sentinel is an optional boss in Elden Ring who appears very early in the game—you can see one almost as soon as you step out into the world. And they’re hard to miss: They’re large, armored humanoids riding large, armored steeds and packing shields and battleaxes that are disproportionately massive even compared to the Sentinels’ outsized frames. Bluntly intimidating, in other words, at least when you first encounter them.

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