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Three Kingdoms: Legends of War, a new action RPG set in feudal China, sees Western release for Android

Publisher Tilting Point, of Warhammer and Star Trek fame, and developer Action Square have partnered to bring their popular action RPG Three Kingdoms: Legends of War to Western countries. With an already massive fanbase in Eastern countries, this decision should lead to the game becoming even more of a titan amongst ARPG fans.

After a successful launch in Australia, Japan, and South Korea, Legends of War is looking to bring its feudal China setting to Western audiences. The ARPG has been downloaded over 3 million times in South Korea alone, and that number goes up to nearly 10 million downloads and an average of 4-star reviews combined with the other two countries.

With a semi-anime/semi-photorealistic style, the title has its own look going for it alongside the elaborate and unique character designs based on characters from the Three Kingdoms setting such as Lu-Bu, Cao Cao, or Diaochan. As to what to expect on the gameplay side of things, you can look forward to a top-down hack-and-slash action, with a large cast of characters, each with their own unique weapon and skills. Specifically, the cast is currently 80 characters strong and is only looking to grow from there.

Along with the PVE combat, you can also expect a pretty large PVP scene, allowing you to choose from either a 1v1 duel or a 50v50 alliance battle. As expected from a game like this, there is of course a guild system that will allow you to team up with other players and go to combat together to beat the toughest challenges available.

Three Kingdoms: Legends of War is now available for pre-register for American and Canadian audiences on Google Play and is expected, but not confirmed, for iOS. You can also expect a few unique rewards for pre-registering such as one of a few hero characters exclusive to pre-registrants.

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