Timberborn, a game about the cool cities beavers will build after we’re all dead, is now available on Steam

When we are all dead the beavers shall inherit the earth, or at least that’s what developers Mechanistry think will go down. It has just released Timberborn, a self-styled “lumberpunk” city builder, onto Steam in Early Access. Timberborn is about giant post-apocalyptic beavers rebuilding the earth after all the humans are long dead and gone. 

Beavers are clever engineers, and much of your job as a beaver city planner is to build dams, spillways, canals, and more in order to control the flow of rivers produce new lakes, and fill reservoirs. Those reservoirs are vital for when the droughts come, as humanity has left the world quite lacking in precious, precious fresh water. Irrigating the world adds more arable land, too, which lets you produce more crops and grow more trees to build more dams and irrigate more land, ad infinitum.

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