Today’s Wordle answer and hint for December 10

The answer to today’s Wordle is only a quick click away, allowing you to save a scrappy game in record time, or simply skip straight to that sweet, sweet, win. Rather take your time, but still don’t want to lose? Then you might want to take a look at the clue for the December 10 (904) game, designed to help without handing you the word on a plate.

Today’s game was an odd case of opposites, every letter I hoped would turn green was grey, and the ones I wasn’t expecting to be all that useful ended up being the key to my Wordle success. It almost feels like I’ve won in the “wrong” way somehow, but as my win streak doesn’t seem to mind, I won’t complain about it. 

Wordle today: A hint

(Image credit: Josh Wardle)

Wordle today: A hint for Sunday, December 10

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