Todd Howard reflects on Fallout 76’s poor reception: ‘we struggled [but] it made us much, much better developers’

Fallout 76 landed with all the grace of an atom bomb. Back when it first released, PC Gamer’s Christopher Livingston called it a “A beautifully crafted but ultimately repetitive world”, giving it a 60 in his Fallout 76 review

It arrived with a bunch of glaring flaws, too: game-breaking bugs, a whole host of missing features like no FoV slider (this happened again with Starfield, somehow), and a bungled $200 edition which promised fancy canvas bags that… turned out to be made of nylon (which Bethesda did eventually fix, though not until a whole year later). ‘Troubled history’ is an understatement, which is something Todd Howard’s wildly aware of as per a quick jaunt through Bethesda’s history with WIRED.

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