Top 10 Best Valheim Seeds (2023)

The best Valheim seeds start you in a spot with lots of resources, quick access to vendors, and bosses not too far away to really get you started.

Our guide will provide you with a list of top 10 best Valheim seeds that include the finest spawn zones, including the exact coordinates that will help you quickly find all the points of interest.

Seed: 7Ra4YjxtUY

Players spawn on a large island with a merchant at coordinates 50, 1750, and a number of bosses at the following coordinates:

  • Eikthyr: 0, 450
  • The Elder: -350, 1900
  • Moder: -600, 2400

The large connected terrain allows you to freely roam the starting area and quickly gain the first three Forsaken powers.

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Seed: c3DUigqEyR

This is a similar seed with a large island at spawn and merchant at coordinates 750, -1300. But this island has slightly different bosses, including:

  • Bonemass: -1900, 2500
  • Moder: -1900, 1500
  • Yagluth: -2800, 3100

These bosses are harder to defeat, but the rewards are also much better. This seed is recommended for more experienced players.

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Seed: wJjzsYgmKB

If you wish to quickly farm lots of chitin, then use this seed that has a Leviathan living island floating at coordinates -1800, 200. With the help of chitin players can craft Abyssal Harpoon and Abyssal Razor.

There is also a merchant nearby at coordinates -500, -1900, and The Elder boss at coordinates 100, -1100.

Screenshot by GameSkinny

Seed: cFbNbCh2EZ

Burial chambers are dungeons full of loot, and there are several of those at spawn, so be sure to check them out.

The merchant can be found at coordinates 1600, 250, while Bonemass and The Elder bosses can be seen at coordinates -1900, -1100 and -700, 1700 respectively.

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Seed: KaYuqBVSbc

In case you’re looking for a Troll Cave, then you can find one in this seed at coordinates -800, -200. It offers plenty of loot as well as all sorts of challenges.

Find the merchant at coordinates 700, 1900, while a couple of bosses can be seen at coordinates 700, 2200 and 500, -1800.

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Seed: rgRTNQVqKj

Not every seed will give you The Queen boss, but this seed has one at coordinates 7100, -500, which is much closer than she typically spawns. She is the sixth and the final boss of Valheim, who grants The Queen’s Power final trophy.

You can trade with the merchant at coordinates -1500, -500.

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Seed: yb6Vi6Yr9v

One of the most interesting dungeons in the game is a Frost Cave, which can be found at coordinates 300, -1500. It is also one of the most beautiful dungeons in the game.

If you need a merchant, you can find one at coordinates -1500, 200, and some bosses can be encountered at coordinates -1300, -1000 and -500, -1100.

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Seed: t9Ydcj3MyT

Here is another seed that has a quick access to the initial four bosses. Note that Eikthyr can be found right at spawn, and the other three at the following coordinates:

  • The Elder: -1900, 1200
  • Bonemass: -1800, 2300
  • Yagluth: -2800, 1400

The merchant can be encountered at coordinates -2200, 1000, which is a bit far but reachable.

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Seed: rCz58CxYJE

There are some Draugr villages laying around in this seed, but the closest one can be seen at coordinates 400, 1900. Typically there are some abandoned chests in the houses, offering good loot.

Then, you can go and trade with the merchant, who stands at coordinates -1500, -250. Bosses can be found at coordinates 1200, -500 and -2600, -300.

Screenshot by GameSkinny

Seed: p9ksCJlrMI

If you’re specifically looking to hunt Moder, then you need to find the dragon’s nest containing the Dragon Egg. In this seed you can find the closest one at coordinates 500, 500 with a few more around it.

You can then summon Moder at coordinates -400, -1800, and if you need the merchant, then check him out at coordinates 500, 1800.

Those are the top 10 best seeds in Valheim. Visit our dedicated Valheim guides page for more tips and tricks articles.

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Published Jan. 14th 2023

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