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Top RTS game Demos to try during Steam’s Next Fest in February 2024 l PC gameplay and trailers

These are my recommendations of RTS and base building game demos to try out during the Steam’s Next Fest from 5th to 12th of February of 2024. I consider these to be some of the most fun and enjoyable real time strategy games in development, some of which are close to being released in Early Access. Games like Global Conflagration, Godsworn, Stormgate and many others.


✅9 Bit Armies demo & gameplay showcase:

0:00 Best RTS demos?
0:16 Global Conflagration
1:35 Godsworn
2:50 Red Chaos The Strict Order
3:51 Stormgate
5:04 9-Bit Armies: A Bit Too Far
6:08 Ratten Reich
6:46 No time limit demos
7:00 Zeta Leporis RTS
7:30 Moduwar
7:58 Annihilate The Spance
8:30 Nuke Them All
9:01 Broken Arrow

👓Game Previews:

🔷Global Conflagration –
🔶Godsworn –
🔷Red Chaos The Strict Order –
🔶Stormgate –
🔷9-Bit Armies: A Bit Too Far –
🔶Ratten Reich –
🔷Zeta Leporis RTS –
🔶Moduwar –
🔷Annihilate The Spance –
🔶Nuke Them All –
🔷Broken Arrow –

2024 is definitely the year of the RTS, and this Steam’s Next Fest offers demos of many upcoming real time strategy games between the 5th and 12th of February and some that you can play even outside this time limit.

Let’s start with the RTS games who’s demos you might not be aware of, like Global Conflagration. It has a mix of several gameplay elements you will recognise from past RTS games like base building with a power system, fast paced modern combat, flags you can capture and gain resources from, launching special weapons at enemies or boosts for your own units.

Godsworn is the upcoming base building fantasy RTS made by a similarly small indie dev team like the one behind Global Conflagration and also planned for 2024. Its demo during Steam’s Next Fest will let you play with the heroes Saule and Meness.

Stormgate is probably the biggest RTS name of this Steam Next Fest and it will open the doors to its active closed beta for this single week. There you will find a mix of a fantasy and sci-fi game which is quite fast, requires proper micro skills, and features two factions. The Infernal host and the Vanguard.

Red Chaos The Strict Order is another fast paced RTS with modern units including full base building with walls, defensive towers and superweapons. It has two factions, the Iron Hand and the Resistance. Units here have abilities as does your HQ, and there are additional call in strikes while the economy is based on a single resource, money, gained from collecting and refining oil.

9-Bit Armies: A Bit Too Far is as classic an RTS as they come but not without a few surprises hidden behind its voxel graphics. Its Steam demo will feature the first three missions of the campaign and the challenge mode.

Ratten Reich is very rich in original lore, something every good RTS game requires, while featuring several humanoid animal races at war in a dieselpunk/steampunk world. These include rats, mice, roaches and lizards, all of them using different and for the most part uniquely stylized weapons of war.

Now a number of RTS games have been already playable before this Steam Next Fest but have now added new versions of their demos or just updated them and this is why I want to mention and recommend them to you.



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14 days ago

Make sure to share which of these are you most exited for and have you tried them out!

14 days ago

Honestly only have bad opinions on Rattenreich, units not firing back, units die too fast and units randomly being selected and ignoring orders
On the other hand, 9-Bit Army is actually quite promising, it had similar feelings to RA2 imo, my only gripe atm is unit visibility being awful due to how small they are, i hope the devs would upscale units and building a bit more to improve the visibility

14 days ago

A question.

Will these PC RTS games have full controller support? – Don't care for the KB/M elitism.
The genre needs to evolve, especially now that Handheld gaming PCs are growing in popularity.

14 days ago

Who tf said rts was dead? Grantgrant guy or someone I forgot. Remember, rts never dies, it was forced to die, by idiotic corporates like ea, blizzard, ….

14 days ago

World War Armies is an RTS available at the Steam Next Fest to try! We’d love to hear your thoughts

14 days ago

Thanks so much for featuring Zeta Leporis RTS again! Glad it's included in your favorites!

14 days ago

Demos of the game doesn't convince me that 2024 is definitely the year of the RTS.

14 days ago

Carpathia in Global Conflagration are overpowered at the moment, far too strong for a rush faction. Some balancing and animation work needs to be done, has potential. Needs a pause option too.

14 days ago

Super excellent, thanks for this video ^^ .

14 days ago

i know Global Conflagration is out on the list but Red Chaos and Broken Arrow are not…how to play those two demos on Steam's Next Fest. Please advise.

14 days ago

Can't wait to try Stormgate later today! Keep up the good work!

14 days ago

Auf STEAM werden in letzter Zeit nach kleinen updates von Spielen (z.B.50MB) das gesamte Program z.B. 23GB !!!! verschoben, bei jedem Spiele nach jedem update.!!!!!!
Hat jemand das selbe Problem (auf Dauer ein SSD-Killer !!!!!).

14 days ago

I just added 2 new strategy games for my wishlist that I wouldn't know about otherwise…

14 days ago

Forgot to mention… Homeworld 3 demo is out too! I highly recommend checking that out!

14 days ago


14 days ago

Godsworn looks good and Broke arrow beta is fine. The rest looks kinda trashy, more like CnC boring remakes.

14 days ago

Looking forward to global conflagration ❤

14 days ago

🙂 🎉

14 days ago

don't forget the homeworld 3 demo

14 days ago

can't wait for broken arrow, if I can't use tactical nuke in multiplayer or singleplayer I would be really sad

14 days ago

Was drooling over Broken Arrow until I tried the playtest. Was a laggy mess and felt like an inferior Warno. Was hoping for something a bit more bombastic like world in conflict.

14 days ago

Im loving stormgate lately.

14 days ago

Thank you for including us! (Moduwar), the Demo is out now on Steam 🙂

14 days ago

Thank you again for mentioning me! Really appreciated! A lot of great RTS to come, I am already downloading new demos! I already try to play them all and learn from the best.

14 days ago

Hey, I can’t find demos for 9-bit and Red chaos. Has something happened?

14 days ago


14 days ago

There is a homeworld demo!

14 days ago

Thanks for the heads up Pera!!! I got stormgate and global conflag…Are any others worth trying?

14 days ago

Annihilate the Spance looks interesting. Judging from the name, I guess their plan is to play Total Annihilaton/Supreme Commander in space.
Broken Arrow is one i've been definitely keeping an eye on.
Nuke Them All, has a very unique art-style, has me interested., as well as Zeta Leporis.