Tower of Fantasy: Can You Transfer Servers?

Leveling a character and collecting weapons in Tower of Fantasy is time-consuming. Rerolling alone takes about a half-hour, and you’ll spend dozens of hours more collecting the Gold and Black Nuclei necessary to engage in the gacha pulls required to get additional high-rarity characters and equipment. With specific characters bound to servers, the question becomes: is it possible to transfer between servers?

Before you make a character, it’s possible to change servers from the main screen. Simply click on the server name, select a region, and select a server. As long as you don’t create a character, you do this process as often as you like.

However, once you actually get into the game, make a character, and start playing, there is no current way to transfer characters or any data between servers. It doesn’t matter if you’ve played an hour or 100 — if you are on, say, the Observer server and your friends are on Frontier, you will not be able to play with them with your Observer character. You’ll need to start from scratch.

You aren’t able to form cross-server crews or make teams, either. Servers are entirely exclusive, sharing nothing. There is hope on the horizon: the Chinese servers do have server transfers, so the capacity is there. It just hasn’t made its way into the worldwide release.

There’s no way to know when server transfers will become available to the wider Tower of Fantasy population, but it’s a regular request from the community. If you know you have friends who will be playing or already have accounts, make it a priority to coordinate with them about which server you join.

In the event you make a character on the wrong server, do your best to accomplish as little as possible. The story campaign alone is more than 10 hours long, and you’ll spend significantly more time and RNG luck getting leveled and geared up. Patience is your only recourse if you’re like me and spend dozens of hours on the wrong server.

Sorry there isn’t better news when it comes to server transfers, but hopefully, the developers will add the feature soon. In the meantime, check out some of our other Tower of Fantasy guides, like how to get password chips and how to get pro Weapon boxes. Our Tower of Fantasy guides hub will be growing, so head there next.

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