Tower of Fantasy: Electronic Locks Password List

There are 11 electronic locks in Tower of Fantasy. These locks protect various structure doors and barriers, as well as vehicles and even security systems. Typically you would have to look out for special password bots that grant answers to the electronic locks, but you don’t really have to do that.

Our guide will provide you with all electronic lock passwords in Tower of Fantasy. This removes the necessity of searching for password bots, and all you need to do is enter the codes listed below at each of the 11 locations. As a result, you will be rewarded with special prizes, including supply pods, gold nucleus, and other valuable items.

All Electronic Lock Passwords

HT201 Shelter

  • Barrier password: 1647.
  • Coordinates: 85, 976.
  • Reward: Supply Pod Type II.

Navia Bay

  • Truck password: 2202.
  • Coordinates: -537, -449.
  • Reward: Supply Pod Type I.

Raincaller Island #1

  • Tower password: 5972.
  • Coordinates: -758, -569.
  • Reward: Voyager Hull Quest.

Raincaller Island #2

  • Truck password: 3344.
  • Coordinates: -643, -849.
  • Reward: Supply Pod Type I.

Seaforth Dock

  • Barrier password: 3594.
  • Coordinates: 515, 773.
  • Reward: Supply Pod Type I.

Crescent Shore

  • Barrier password: 1024.
  • Coordinates: 778, 642.
  • Reward: Supply Pod Type II.

The Lumina

  • Deconstruction Device password: 7268.
  • Coordinates: 728, 847.
  • Reward: Gold Nucleus.

Miners’ Camp

  • Deconstruction Device password: 4753.
  • Coordinates: 377, 247.
  • Reward: Gold Nucleus.

X-7 Research Lab

  • Security System password: 1103.
  • Coordinates: In the story mission.
  • Reward: Disabling traps.

Aarniel Fortress

  • Deconstruction Device password: 8521.
  • Coordinates: 382, -832.
  • Reward: Gold Nucleus.

Aida Base Dawn Frontier

  • Doors password: 7092.
  • Coordinates: 666, -1224.
  • Reward: Access Granted.

Those are all electronic lock passwords in Tower of Fantasy. Also, be sure to check out the rest of our Tower of Fantasy tips and tricks articles while you’re here, like our guide to getting the Maglev Stalker, how to dodge, how to reroll, and how to break cracked walls.

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