Tower of Fantasy: How to Get and Spend Support Points

As a gacha action MMO, Tower of Fantasy is playable solo, but it opens up when played with a team. Not only is there the opportunity for significant party synergy, but there are rewards for joining and helping players you meet in the world or through a crew, the game’s version of guilds. There is even a currency for helping new players called Support points. While they won’t get you the best and highest rarity gear, being a good samaritan has its perks.

This Tower of Fantasy guide will tell you everything you need to know about this currency, from how to get it, where to spend it, and what you can get for it. 

Support Points Explained

You get Support Points for completing activities with new and lower-leveled players as part of a team. Here’s how to get Support Points. 

Server Source 1: Help Friends

Characters are server locked. If you’ve already leveled and a friend wants to join your server, they’ll need to start over, and you’d get Support Points for helping them get back up to speed. The same is true if you have friends who’ve never played before and want to try the game out before committing time and possibly money. Playing with either group will net you support points.

Server Source 2: Help the Community

There is also the in-game Teams system, where you can find a newer player, request to join their game, and show them the ropes. Doing so will get you Support Points aplenty.

Server Source 3: Rewardless Multiplayer

The third, solo-friendly method of getting Support Points in Tower of Fantasy is to take part in low-level multiplayer activities when you don’t have the Vitality to open the chest at the end or otherwise see the rewards.

You’ll be asked several times if you want to continue without the requisite Vitality but complete an activity like Dimensional Trials, which takes maybe a minute or two. You’ll have some of the fastest Support Point gains in the game.

How to Spend Support Points

To spend your points, head to the Commissary menu and click on the Support Store. There aren’t any endgame rewards here, but what you can buy is useful. Here are all the items you can purchase with Support Points:

Currencies and Materials

  • The Gardener Honor title: 1,500 SP.
  • The Holiday Fun Chat Bubble: 1,000 SP.
  • A single Joint supply chip I: 900 SP.
  • Up to ten Black Nuclei per week: 300 SP per unit.
  • 1,000 Gold: 70 SP per bundle.
  • One unit of Firecore: 100 SP.
  • One unit of Icecore: 100 SSP.
  • One unit of Magcore: 100 SP.
  • One unit of Rockcore: 100 SP.

Vehicle Upgrades

  • Turbocharger: 250 SP.
  • High-Performance Transmission: 250 SP.
  • Gyroscope: 250 SP.
  • High-Energy Battery: 250 SP.
  • Precision Instrument: 100 SP.
  • Shock Absorber: 100 SP.
  • Universal Bearing: 100 SP.
  • E53 Coolant: 50 SP.
  • FF79 Alloy Lubricant: 50 SP.
  • Power Gears: 50 SP.

That’s everything you need to know about Support Points in Tower of Fantasy. It’s one of the easier currencies to get, and while it’s not going to earn you dozens of gacha pulls, it can help with progression, and sometimes it feels good to help others without reward, right? Either way, check out our other Tower of Fantasy guides, including our Weapon Tier List, how to get Black and Gold Nuclei, and more. Our guides hub has a growing list of content, so head there next.

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