Tower of Fantasy: How to Get Rewards from Friendly Little Critters

There might be plenty to despair about across the Vera region in Tower of Fantasy, but there are a few bright spots across the barren desert wasteland. One of them is the Friendly Little Critters scattered about, small rodent-like animals who just want to make you feel good.

They even award Nuclei for being nice to them. This guide will show you how to appropriately interact with the Friendly Little Critters and earn their favor.

Friendly Little Critter Rewards

When you come across any Friendly Little Critters throughout the Vera desert, they’ll greet you with a text bubble and a symbol. If you aren’t sure what the sign means, press the Use button on them to open a brief dialog box that describes what they want from you.

In short, the critters want you to use a specific emote at them, which both the symbol and the dialog point toward.

To emote, open the chat window and press the + symbol to the right of the text entry field. This opens your emote selection screen. From there, select the icon of two characters with their arms around each other’s shoulders. This opens the character emote selection screen, and thankfully there are only five to choose from, and which one you need to use is made fairly clear by the Critter.

For instance, seeing two hands with three hashes near them requires you to clap, with the hashes representing the sound the hands make when they come together. Their dialog will also mention something about seeing you excited or whatever emotion the emote conveys.

Once you provide the correct action, the Critter will clap excitedly, dig in the ground before it, and produce either a Black or Gold Nucleus.

There’s not much more to it than that. Do right by the Friendly Critters, and they’ll do right by you with a reward. We’ve got additional coverage of the Vera update, including how to use Old Vera Coins and solve Ruin Stone puzzles. Our Tower of Fantasy guides hub has much more.

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