Tower of Fantasy: How to Get Vitality

You’ll be making heavy use of Vitality each day in Tower of Fantasy, provided you want to bring in Crystal Dust.

For the most part, Vitality is gained passively. You’ll gain a point of Vitality for each eight minutes that pass, granting a total of 7.5 Vitality per hour. Unfortunately there is no way to increase your passive Vitality gains, but you aren’t strictly tied to its passive generation if you don’t want to be.

Our guide will show you how to get Vitality in Tower of Fantasy, as well as how to spend it properly.

Purchase Vitality Solution

If you really want to, you can purchase Vitality Solution at the in-game store for 50 Dark Crystals. One such potion restores 60 Vitality, but players can purchase only four potions a day.

If you have extra 200 Dark Crystals, you can restore up to 240 Vitality a day, which is a lot, in addition to the default 180 Vitality that restores naturally.

Players can obtain Dark Crystals by doing the following:

  • Unlock Supply Pod Type I (20 Dark Crystals).
  • Unlock Supply Pod Type II (50 Dark Crystals).
  • Unlock various achievements.
  • Purchase Tanium at the in-game store:

    • 60 Tanium = $0.99
    • 300 Tanium = $4.99
    • 980 Tanium = $14.99
    • 1,980 Tanium = $29.99
    • 3,280 Tanium = $49.99
    • 6,480 Tanium = $99.99

Note that 1 Tanium converts to 1 Dark Crystal.

How to Use Vitality

Go to your “Select” tab and choose one of the following options:

  • Joint Operation: Offers a piece of gear or one of the available chips.
  • Dimensional Trials: Provides weapon materials, crystal dust, and XP.
  • Interstellar Opration: Here you can get some weapon materials, too.
  • Omnium Beacon: Similar to Dimensional Trials.
  • Spacetime Domain: Select this one if you specifically need gold.

All these challenges cost 30 Vitality except the “Joint Operation”, which takes 90 Vitality to activate, so use this option only if you need a specific piece of gear that it offers at the moment.

That’s all you need to know on how to get Vitality in Tower of Fantasy. Also, be sure to check out the rest of our Tower of Fantasy tips and tricks articles while you’re here, like our guide to getting the Maglev Stalker, how to dodge, how to reroll, and how to break cracked walls.

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