Tower of Fantasy: How to Get Warp Energy Cells

Warp Energy Cells are one of two core currencies unique to the Vera Orienteering event in Tower of Fantasy. You’ll want as many of them as you can get to ensure you and the rest of the server receive every reward during the event.

In this Tower of Fantasy guide, we’ll cover all the current sources of Warp Energy Cells and will update the guide as new sources unlock.

Earning Warp Cells in the Vera Orienteering Event

The Vera Orienteering Event is spread across three distinct Phases, and there are more and more ways to earn Warp Energy Cells as new Phases open up.

Phase One Warp Energy Cell Sources

Your easiest sources of Warp Energy Cells, regardless of event Phase are:

  • Password chests. Blue and purple password chests award 15 and 50 units, respectively. Rusted Iron Chests, being free, only provide 5, but they’re about as numerous and cost nothing to open, so gather from them whenever you can.
  • Defeating enemies, especially Hyenas. You won’t earn many Warp Energy Cells for trash mobs, but you can go into Select missions of any kind, with or without Vitality, and be a part of the combat. You’ll get tons of Cells, plus Support Points, for your troubles.

Getting Cells in Phases Two and Three 

Neither Phases Two or Three are active, but there are two additional sources of Warp Energy Cells coming across them both.

Phase Two of Vera Orienteering introduces event world bosses, though it’s unclear if these will differ significantly from the world bosses currently available in the game.

Phase Three gives us event instances, and again, what exactly those entail isn’t clear yet, but they could be unique versions of the various Ruins and Select mission zones for us to clear for additional Cells.

Remember that Warp Energy Cells are shared across your server, so while you should contribute as much as possible, you’ll have the help of everyone across every channel toward reaching the phase goal. These items are limited by the Phase; once the server reaches the current Phase’s Cell limit, trying to earn more will do nothing.

Whether you’re going to grind for Warp Energy Cells or are coming into Tower of Fantasy as a new player, we’ve got plenty of other guides on the game. Check out our best Weapons tier list, how to get the Red Nuclei in the Trucks, and how to get the Maglev Stalker. Our guides hub has much more.

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