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Tower of Fantasy – Official Ling Han x Alabaster Tiger: New Simulacrum Trailer

Watch the latest Tower of Fantasy trailer to see the Ling Han, the new simulacrum, in action. Ling Han joins the open-world MMORPG on October 24, 2023.

ing Han is in charge of overseeing Marshville and serves as the head of Longjian Pavilion, where she commands the Domain Guards spanning the entirety of Domain 9. Despite her reserved nature, she possesses great strength and shows no mercy to her enemies. Ling Han’s mentor and cherished friend, Nan Yin, has recently succumbed to the Darkness, and she now seeks both the truth behind Nan Yin’s dark transformation and vengeance for those fallen at the hands of her now-corrupt friend.

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10 days ago

Visualmente está Hermoso este juego amigos y amigas de videojuegos

10 days ago

Bro Idk a single character in this game, I'm just playing as tanjiro skin somehow lol