Tower of Fantasy Three Mushrooms Puzzle Solution

You may come across some formations of glowing mushrooms during your travels in Tower of Fantasy. These formations aren’t just for decoration, they can also be a source of gold nucleus or black nucleus. While a lot of these feature three glowing mushrooms, it is possible for there to be more.

Whether three or more, our guide will provide you with a solution to the three mushrooms puzzle in Tower of Fantasy.

Three Mushrooms Puzzle Solution

The giant mushrooms that spawn all over the world of Aesperia are called Glowshrooms. They typically spawn in a circular position so that it’s easy to interact with all of them.

If you address the in-game survival guide, then you will find the following description of these mysterious mushrooms:

“Resilient mushroom cluster that lights up when stomped. Rumor has it that good things happen when you light them up in certain order.”

It doesn’t say much, but if you wish to solve the mushroom puzzle, then follow these steps:

  1. Locate the group of Glowhsrooms.
  2. Approach them and check out the height of each individual mushroom.
  3. Jump on the smallest one first.
  4. Then, jump on the middle-sized.
  5. Finish by jumping on the tallest mushroom.

The three mushrooms puzzle can be solved by consequently jumping on all mushrooms beginning from the shortest one and ending with the tallest.

You will know that you’ve done well by the characteristic blue glow that appears once you jump on the mushroom of the correct height.

Note that this method also works with groups of mushrooms that contain more than three mushrooms. Some players have found groups of six mushrooms, but the reward is always the same: it’s either a gold or black nucleus, which appears in the center of the mushroom circle.

That’s all you need to know about three mushrooms puzzle solution in Tower of Fantasy. Also, be sure to check out the rest of our Tower of Fantasy tips and tricks articles while you’re here, like our guide to getting the Maglev Stalker, how to dodge, how to reroll, and how to break cracked walls.

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