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Tower of God, an action RPG based on the popular webtoon, receives mobile adaptation this year

The very popular webtoon/anime Tower of God is set to receive a mobile RPG adaptation courtesy of developer NGELGAMES. With a reputation as one of the most popular webtoons out there, this is a much-anticipated release that is sure to garner plenty of hype.

Tower of God began originally as a webtoon, or Korean webcomic, before branching out and getting an anime adaptation as well. Up until now, the series had never had any sort of video game adaptation. As of April 20th this year, however, that is set to change.

While specific details are pretty scarce right now, we do know that Tower of God will be an RPG, which makes sense given the setting is semi-high fantasy and involves lots of getting new gear and leveling up, all of the typical RPG jazz. We do also know it will involve doing battle by climbing various towers, a farming system, and a social system that will allow you to play with your friends and clanmates. Given the expansive cast in the series, it’s also a relatively safe bet to say that this one will likely involve a gacha system as well. So far, the only true details we have come from official tweets and a video posted on TapTap.


For those of you unfamiliar with the popular comic, Tower of God is centred around the character Bam, a lowly and rowdy young boy. One day he finds himself transported to the base of a tower with little to no information on how he got there and ends up fighting for survival as he realizes the only way forward is, well, upwards. Along the way, the lore of the world and the story behind the tower itself is slowly revealed, and Bam meets a large cast of wild and unique characters. The mobile game will be a retelling of this story, and will also feature high-quality artwork and original animation to go along with it.

Whether you’re a fan of the series or simply a mobile RPG lover, Tower of God should suit you just fine. If you’re interested, you can pre-register right now on Google Play or the App Store.

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