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Turbo Golf Racing and SHENZHEN I/O are now available on PC Game Pass

Two completely different titles have just joined the popular subscription service.

Do you prefer fast-paced car games or challenging puzzles? Whichever you pick, you’ll find something for yourself in newly-added Game Pass titles. What’s in stock this time?

Firstly, we have an arcade-style sports racing title Turbo Golf Racing. It might look suspiciously similar to Rocket League. Instead of soccer, you play golf with cars, which surely adds some action to the traditional game. Gather your friends, as up to seven players can join you in a Grand-Prix-style competition. You can access the game from Microsoft’s subscription service via PC and Xbox consoles.

Sounds too hardcore for you? SHENZHEN I/O might be a perfect choice for you, as long as you like solitaire games, circuit building, and code writing. You can read the included manual or let the imagination run wild in sandbox mode. Perfect brain exercise to keep your mind sharp. Console players won’t be able to give it a go, as SHENZHEN I/O is available only on PC Game Pass.

All of today’s additions are available without additional cost to subscribers. Not a member? Consider joining Microsoft’s subscription service today! New members can get a whole month of PC Game Pass for just a dollar:

More games will join PC Game Pass later this month. For the full August 2022 line-up, check out this article on

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