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Twelve Minutes Has Been Delayed To 2021

Twelve Minutes is a unique little indie game that has fans going through a gameplay loop. It was a title that’s also been worked on for several years with the developer, Luis Antonio, showing the game off at different events. The first appearance came during 2015 PAX East where we got the reveal of the title along with alerting fans of how the center of its gameplay is the loop component. However, it looks like the 2020 release window that the game was originally slated for has been pushed back to 2021.

As mentioned, Twelve Minutes is loop gameplay. In the title, players take the role of a husband who discovers that his wife is pregnant. However, shortly after a police officer breaks into the apartment and kills your wife along with knocking you out. After all this, the game restarts, and it’s up to the players in order to figure out what’s going on and potentially end the mess before it begins. That can be easier said than done in this adventure game, but perhaps we will have to hold off a little longer before we’re able to find out.

It looks like Twelve Minutes was pushed back to 2021 without any formal announcement. Fans took notice of the game’s new release date is changed to 2021 on the Steam store page. We’re not sure just what caused the delay, but several projects are being delayed in general with the coronavirus health pandemic outbreak. For now, it looks like this indie game is still slated to release on the various platforms as mentioned before which is Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and the PC platforms. If you have yet to get a look at the gameplay trailer you can do so above.

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