Two Point Campus: How to Make Money Fast

Two Point Campus pushes the absurd formula created in Two Point Hospital even further, letting you run a variety of different wacky universities, like a wizarding school. Of course, if you want to keep your campus running efficiently you’ll need a steady income, as money is used to pay staff, improve equipment, and much more. Here are the best ways to make money in Two Point Campus

Make Your Students Happy and Earn Extra XP

Your main income in Two Point Campus comes from the tuition fees your students pay. Each month you’ll get a set tuition income, but that number can easily be raised by making enhancements to your campus. The key is that your students need to learn effectively and do well in class, as the more they level up the higher your XP bonus at the end of each month will be. 

The best way to do this is to make sure students have multiple methods of study, including Libraries and Private Tuition. Make sure your Library has plenty of bookcases and studying areas, and you can increase its Prestige by placing attractive items like plants or posters. 

You can also level up your teachers by using Training Rooms, which will make their lessons more effective, in turn leading to more XP for your students. 

Install Vending Machines and Food Stands

You won’t get a ton of income this way, but installing food options on your campus will give you a constant trickle of income. Vending machines are very cheap to install, and each time someone uses them you’ll gain $10, so the investment will pay off very quickly. Make sure every single building has at least a couple of vending machines.

Once you’re a little more financially stable you can invest in food stands, but keep in mind you’ll need to hire another Assistant in order to run them. Still, food stands make even more money so they’ll pay off eventually. 

Raise Tuition Rates and Take Loans

At the end of each school year, you’ll get a chance to look back on your performance, and put points into your courses for the next year ahead. When you’re selecting your courses you can select the little gear icon in the top right to open a customization menu. This lets you change the tuition fees for each student and the number of students you’ll take for the next year.

If you find you need a bit more cash you can increase tuition fees, but it will take a hit on your student’s happiness. A smiley face next to the tuition gauge will show how much of an effect it’ll have on happiness, but if you have a robust campus with a lot of entertainment and happiness options, you should be fine.

Your fastest option for getting an influx of cash is to take a loan, which instantly grants you either 50K, 100K, or 250K. However, keep in mind that with a loan you’ll get a monthly repayment fee, meaning your overall income will take a big hit.

To take a loan simply scroll down to the toolbar at the bottom left of the screen then click the icon that looks like a little building, and select loan. 

Run Archaeology Classes

Archaeology is an incredibly unique program in Two Point Campus, as it’s the only one that can actually make money. These classes require a dig site, and students will unearth valuable items as they study. Once these items are totally unearthed you can either sell them or place them around your campus to increase Attractiveness. 

The larger your Dig Site the more likely you are to uncover valuable items, and some of these can be sold for up to $40,000 a pop. You can sell these items individually once they’re unearthed, or at the end of the year, any items remaining in your dig site will automatically be sold.

At the same time, when not in class archaeology students will use metal detectors on the ground, sometimes discovering items that give you a tiny bit of income. Investing in a dig site and all the requirements can be expensive, but it absolutely pays off in the long run.

Join the Orb Club

You won’t unlock the Orb Club until you play through the Upper Etching level in the campaign, but after that, it can also be used in sandbox mode and any other levels. Orb Club functions like every other club in the game, but the benefit is that you’ll get money every time a student joins, and whenever they use the club’s items. The only downside is that the Orb Club has a negative effect on students’ happiness, so you’ll need to have proper facilities to counteract that. 

Still, it’s just $2000 to drop an Orb Club stand and you don’t need to keep it up at all, just let the passive income flow. 

With all this in mind, you should be able to increase your overall income and the rate it comes in during your time with Two Point Campus. Look for more upcoming guides here on GameSkinny.

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