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Ubisoft Forward E3 2021 Kinda Funny Live Reactions

We react to Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope, Far Cry 6, Assassin’s Creed, Avatar Frontiers of Pandora, Rider’s Republic, and more!

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Every day Greg Miller, Blessing Adeoye Jr., and Tim Gettys talk about the biggest stories in Video Games.

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Luke Kunka
3 years ago

The Rainbow 6 game looks like a less scary GTFO.

3 years ago

Beyond good n evil 2 in hell

Bejj c
3 years ago

Didnt enjoy the conference

3 years ago

the avatar game said it was releasing on luna? what the hell is that?

Joe Fayant
3 years ago

As a guitar player I think rocksmith+ looks great

Gareth Mewes
3 years ago

'You wanted Sam fisher? No I eat fishes. hahahahah Andy is the best

3 years ago

Why do all of these ubisoft games look like its unreal engine 2 on a PS3?

3 years ago

I hate how much Giancarlo Esposito plays latine characters considering he's freaking European with no connections to latin culture

3 years ago

I feel like i just watched 20 ads and im 1 hour in lol

Omar Wen
3 years ago

Does every company really need a press conference??

3 years ago

It's clear Ubisoft does not need multiple forwards per year, this needs to be consolidated. I do not need 500 different "meh" conferences. If companies do that to own the conversation and control their own message, there won't be a conversation. I'll stop tuning in and so will everyone else. lol.

3 years ago

its crazy that greg is getting these hosting jobs while being a critic. Kinda makes you think twice a little.

Aussie Legend
3 years ago

Youssef's wife on twitter wanting to sit on his face is the highlight of E3 so far.

David Marchenko
3 years ago


sebastian guerrero
3 years ago

Just because that a exclusive switch games looks really good, it does not mean it's on this so called switch pro you do realise that there's a ton of great looking nintendo Switch Games already right

Shelnobi b
3 years ago

When you want to go back to AC but you just know there's still a long journey ahead of you and you have to remember how to get good again after putting it away for so long ?

Corey Scott
3 years ago

Bless, get small guages. That would be a sick/hot look for you lol

Joshua Wilson
3 years ago

I expected to see a Zelda + Rabbits before a Mario sequel

Bela Babus
3 years ago

I'm all for a rocksmith let's play Andy

3 years ago

47:32 Ay Mijo

Also, doesn't Ubisoft include other audio languages so you could probably play it in Spanish

Dawson Llewellyn
3 years ago

Why are they in Alphabetical order from top to bottom

3 years ago

Extraction actually looks boring to me. Extraction up against back4blood isn’t even a question. I am not a a rainbow fan, I have never played siege and so I don’t know the loop, but to me as I guy who could be pulled into the franchise, I defo wasnt

Khalid Amajoud
3 years ago

Ubisoft has been making soulless titles for the longest time…

3 years ago

I remember reading Rainbow Six novel, I liked it so much I even got a hardcover. It was about a bioterrorist and the formation of the Rainbow Six team. I can't believe all this time later this series has devolved into a zombie shooter… Had Tom Clancy not loved money, I think he will be rolling in his grave when comes to where the Rainbow Six series went…

Rick Grimes
3 years ago

What was this trash? I though i missed something important, but this thing just seemed like a bunch of idiots talking without any games. This is the new e3?…smh

3 years ago

Either we all grew up to be miserable adults and nothing will fill that void inside so we can't feel that excitement and wonder we felt in previous E3 …. OR this event fucking sucked and was boring as hell

3 years ago

Like the film something about the world and characters in Avatar bore me. It looks pretty but not very exciting or even something I want to explore (especially if it's similar to the film). Also helicopter gun ship with a minigun taken down with a bow and arrow lol. Sure. I love how the film had obvious dances with wolves inspiration (among others) I wonder how native american bow and arrows faired.
The film is worthy of being crapped on imo. It cost a crazy ammount of money, looked pretty but was a bit crap with an awful white saviour story.

Nekotaku TV
3 years ago

Switch can do better than Mario + Rabbids 2… Why even mention the next rumored Switch?

Legend of Hayden
3 years ago

this Mario and Rabbids is giving more Valkyria Chronicles vibes than Xcom this time

The ZX
3 years ago

Kevin stop fudging with the cams

Jarrett Edwards
3 years ago

Sam Fisher is actually in Siege lol

Nicholas Joseph
3 years ago

I feel like the cinematic stuff for farcry could look better. In some ways it looks last gen and not as impressive as I had hoped. Some of the gameplay stuff from the trailer looked good. Hoping it will look better once it’s in front of me. Still interested.

Bryce Docherty
3 years ago

Youssef is probably the only person I've ever seen pull off the Mandarin collar.

Aaronnot Thataarontheotherone
3 years ago

Not sure if it’s because we didn’t get any gameplay, or the fact I’d be more interested in an ATLA game but the avatar reveal just felt like a cutscene and if I wanted a cutscene I’d watch the movie. Interested though to see if it’s first person (where we get to create our own) or third person story centred round one of the Na’vi.

Mr Saiman
3 years ago

it turned out well??

DarkNight 0fKrypton
3 years ago

Kevin: What’s a Blood dragon?

Paris: Oh my god I’m old

Hahahahaha I love Paris he’s awesome

Roberto Fanti
3 years ago

Nice to see Stadia with Next Gens platforms for Avatar ❤️

The G.C - GamerCritic
3 years ago

Mario + Rabbids and Avatar made this showcase but overall is was a perfectly fine presentation. Not as bad as gearbox but not as good as devolver

3 years ago

The commitment of Greg fucking Miller out here live from E3

spaz co
3 years ago

Ubisoft was meh, Gearbox was bad, Devolver killed it.

Paul smith
3 years ago

Looks like new switch footage

KillerZ x Ace
3 years ago

Frankly this was the worst Ubisoft Forward ever. I hope Ubisoft+ will be added to GamePass Ultimate though. Far Cry 6, AC Valhalla DLC and Avatar were the only interesting parts.

Devolver Digital was amazing like ever. And I’m looking forward to EA Play (I want to see more about Mass Effect, Star Wars and Dragon Age).

So Xbox Bethesda, Devolver Digital and EA Play are the only ones worth our time!

Itari Wasashi
3 years ago

The only thing making E3 remotely palatable for me this year are the Indie showcases. Remember when E3 only showed new games and didn't rely on movie ads?

Ian Sear
3 years ago

E3 is boring so far

3 years ago

Avatar was a nice surprise excited for it and Riders Republic.

3 years ago

Sup people