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Ubisoft was TRASH at E3 2021! – My Reaction

Well things have started off in a strange way with Ubisoft doing their FORWARD press conference at E3 2021 and showing…not much. Lets talk about why Mario is great, Far Cry seems cool, and why most this other stuff is rather lame.

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Today the real events of E3 2021 have begun starting off with Ubisofts press conference called Ubisoft Forward. Sadly the event was ROUGH with tons of boring reveals but lets talk about Rainbow 6 Extraction, Far Cry 6 and the season Pass, all the DLC for older games, and why Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope looks great even after leaking early for Nintendo Switch. We got the full reveal of this planet hopping crossover including Rabbid versions of Super Mario Galaxy characters like Rabbid Rosalina. In this video DreamcastGuy gives his reaction to all the games shown, talks a bit about PS5 PlayStation 5 graphics and why this was so poorly done.

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1 year ago

What did YOU think of the Ubisoft show? Leave a LIKE on the video and tell me your thoughts!

Abel Lopez
1 year ago

WHATS UP!!!!………..GAYMERS!!!!!!

gaming and travel
1 year ago

Oh no oh no oh no ???

1 year ago

The highlight: One handed sword in a game that already exist.

sᴛᴀᴛɪᴄ sᴘʀɪᴛᴇs

I only really cared for the Mario+Rabbids sequel and didn't pay attention to anything else

Sentient Salt
1 year ago

Yea, Ubisoft was a letdown.

Ryan Cochran
1 year ago

So you want everything new and shiny while forgetting about supporting the games that have come out…yeah, such a gamer you are! ??‍♂️

Ubisoft wants to make sure we get our $60 worth rather than ditch a project after a release, but your entitled ass wouldn’t appreciate that, of course. Being a dreamcast guy explains it all as well…enjoy your damn rabbids and let the actual adults get back to gaming!!

TripleB!! youknowme
1 year ago

I agree it sucks so far

banzai bill
1 year ago

They didn't abandon steep. Just sayin.

1 year ago

Holy shit all dream guy does lately is complaining and hating

PotatoAim 1805
1 year ago

Its stupid that they be replacing steep.

1 year ago

Just waiting for your fake outrage video that Starfield is 100% confirmed as Microsoft exclusive acting as if you didn't know it was going to happen.

micky meza
1 year ago

The only thing that remotely got my interest was the watch dogs bloodline trailer during the pre show. ? The rest of it was awful.

MrKrabs Iz rich
1 year ago

11:24 better than a shitty ass Mario game with some stupid looking bunnies game made for kids ?

Instead Of Mayo
1 year ago

Ubisoft had us Division 2 players as a captive audience. A loyal, hungry, eager fan base. It is the most profitable franchise in Ubisoft's repertoire. What did they do? They let it die, then cannibalized it's content and assets to pour into other games. Now they're going to turn it into a F2P game modeled after what the competition is doing (5 years late) throwing away one of the most interesting storylines and the last hope for the success of looter shooters.

They would have been better off waiting and making a Division 3 and turning Ghost Recon into a battle royale.

Instead Of Mayo
1 year ago

Ubisoft Years Ago: Hey! Check this out! Pulls out Steep Oh. Yeah. Hehe. Naw of course not. Yeah that was a dumb idea, I was just kidding…

Ubisoft Now: Hey guys! I got this new game yall Pulls out Steep with all the snow painted orange

Salted Popcorn
1 year ago

Oh yeah steep i remember that

Nathan castillo
1 year ago

Ubisoft is becoming EA ?

Anthony Bender
1 year ago

Ubisoft wants to do more free to play games microtransactions, live services on there existing games, they already said this so why did you expect anything different?

Nathan castillo
1 year ago

It WAS trash. It turned me off from the whole event. I didn't watch anymore announcements after that

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