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Undecember Season 4 update begins with changes to late-game character progression and more

  • Undecember’s fourth season has begun, with major new additions
  • Jewel slots will be added to gear, letting you further customise your equipment
  • The level cap has been raised, items are set to be updated and more

Undecember Season 4 has begun, alongside new content drops previously revealed. A new type of slot item called ‘Jewels’ is being added, which can be equipped on gear, obtainable through gameplay and sculpted using Polishing Stones. The maximum level is also being raised to 160, 38 unique items and 5 link runes are set to be updated, while Solo Descent Raids will see their first official season after they were first introduced in season 3.

Undecember is Line Games’ top-down hack ‘n slash RPG. Think Diablo, just with flashier visuals and particle effects to really sell the fantasy of using swords & sorcery to take on your opponents. This latest season 4 update will let players grow even further, and the addition of a mechanic to assign talents to previously owned and new characters lets you customise your growth further.

Undecember Update

For Undecember players, this is looking to be a pretty beefy update. The addition of new mechanics for customising progression is going to be especially useful if you’re the kind of person who enjoys over-levelling each character and wants to streamline the process. The addition of Nat and Apollyon, two major new boss monsters, will also let you cut your teeth with these new mechanics, and the addition of jewels and the aforementioned item updates.

Given how prominent the grind is, and honestly, that’s part of the appeal of games like this, we can see the new content giving you plenty to sink your teeth into. Undecember’s Season 4 update is now available on all platforms.

Want to get started with Undecember before season 4 lands? Then why not check out our guide to give you the lowdown on all the basics of Undecember. Or, since we mentioned Diablo before, you may want to check out our carefully curated list of the top 9 mobile games like Diablo Immortal for you to try out!

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