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Unicorn Overlord by Vanillaware Shows Off How You can Make Your Army Stronger

Today Vanillaware and Atlus released a brand new video focusing on the upcoming tactics JRPG Unicorn Overlord.

The video focuses on explaining some of the progression mechanics that empower the player to strengthen their army to fight more effectively against the Zenoiran Empire.

We start with taking a look at classes and their specializations, strengths, and weaknesses, on top of the ability to evolve them by spending Honors that can be earned by completing quests. Evolving to an advanced class will improve a character’s stats and often change their features and gameplay.

Exploring the battlefield will lead us to find Sigils of the Ancients, which unlock repeatable auxiliary stages. In these stages, we’ll fight against phantom soldiers as much as we like to level up our forces.

We can also obtain Military Treaties that can be used to grant experience to a character without having them engage in combat. There are also more earnable items that can improve specific stats. The video showcases a few examples, allowing the improvement of elements like HP or attack power.

You can watch the trailer below and enjoy Vanillware’s gorgeous art in motion. It’s always a treat to watch.

Unicorn Overlord is an upcoming tactics JRPG that was revealed during the Nintendo Direct back in September 2023, but it’s not a Nintendo exclusive. We already know that it’ll be released for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch on March 8, 2024.

For now, a PC release has not been announced and you can pre-order a copy on Amazon if you’re interested in owning it in physical form.

If you want to see more, you can also watch the previous trailer and another from the same series as the one released today, but focusing on different aspects of the gameplay and features, including exploration and socialization., 

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