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Unlock An Exclusive Sonic Superstars Amy Outfit And Win Free Sonic Games At IHOP

Video games collaborate and crossover with other series and brands all the time, but there are a couple that do it a lot more than most others. Pokemon might hold the record for most crossovers, launching its own line of high-end Tiffany jewelry and Fendi bags in the last few months alone. Sonic is right behind it though, the blue blur showing up in Two-Point Hospital once upon a time and yes, despite it being April 1, that blue Sonic curry you’ve likely seen in memes was a real thing people could buy and eat if they were feeling brave enough.



Sonic’s next collaboration is another food-based one, but it’s not as weird as a bright blue curry, nor is the food the best thing about it. Sega has teamed up with IHOP to curate a Sonic-themed menu made up of six items, a character from the games represented in each of them. However, the best thing about the Sonic x IHOP crossover is the non-edible items you can earn by visiting IHOP locations throughout the US.


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IHOP customers can collect PanCoins and then use those coins to redeem Sonic-themed content and merch. Getting top billing is a special edition Sonic Superstars Amy outfit. An alternative look for Amy in the newest Sonic game that you can only get through eating at IHOP. If you don’t already own Superstars, you can also trade in PanCoins for a copy of it. It doesn’t seem like anyone has enough PanCoins to unlock the Amy outfit yet as there are still no pictures of it online.

Sonic Superstars comic book skin Amy

As well as Superstars, and the IHOP-exclusive Amy outfit, PanCoins can also be used to bag yourself copies of other Sonic games including Frontiers and Origins Plus, so the three newest Sonic games. If you have all those games, your PanCoins can also be traded in for limited-edition Sonic IHOP gift cards. The promotion has already begun and runs through May 5, 2024, so plenty of time to rack up PanCoins if you do want the Amy outfit or one of the Sonic games listed above for free.

Sonic already has a lot of exciting stuff confirmed to be coming in 2024 and even more are rumored to be joining it afterward. The live-action Knuckles show hits Paramount at the end of this month, and Shadow will steal the spotlight for the final few months of the year via Sonic x Shadow Generations, and then his introduction to the live-action universe in Sonic 3. Beyond that, it’s rumored Sonic Heroes will be getting a remaster in 2025, and footage from a Fall Guys-style game called Sonic Toys Party leaked last week.


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