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Upcoming Indie Games – BEST NEW Trailers May 2023 | Part 2

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00:00 ► #10 Prison City :
00:47 ► #9 #BLUD :
01:56 ► #8 SPONSOR: Spark Defense :
02:56 ► #7 Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes: Definitive Edition* :
03:51 ► #6 Cross Impact :
05:07 ► #5 Project ME :
06:15 ► #4 Radix Chronicle :
07:33 ► #3 :
08:30 ► #2 :
09:45 ► #1 :

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5 months ago

Dont forget that Sea of Stars is coming out in August!

5 months ago

Pathea taking resources away from Sandrock to develop an MMO mobile game is incredibly disappointing. I was considering getting it while it was stll in early access, but now there is zero chance I do that.

5 months ago

Prison City looks like Strider and Ninja Gaiden II had a baby lol. Def has those circa 1991 NES graphics.

5 months ago

This is really what you nerds hype up? This is awful

5 months ago

5:30 yeeeees finally 😭 a game I can play on my android phone

5 months ago

Been hoping they would move forward with #Blud for a long time. So glad to see that the game is going to be made.

5 months ago

6:20 Stoked to see EpicNameBro's project is coming to fruition. I remember his first YouTube video (I think 11-12 years ago), his first Twitch stream, and now his first game. He is a smart hardworking dude and to see him successfully recreate himself a few times over the years has been quite inspiring.

5 months ago

The first game is totally what if power blade and shatter hand had a baby

5 months ago

#BLUD and The Plucky Squire seems awesome 👍

5 months ago

The music in Prison City, just wow!!! :OO

5 months ago

nice games 🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂❤❤❤❤❤❤

5 months ago

Haven't watched yet but Shogun Showdown has to be on this list
I just started playing Clash of Heroes again on PC (played so much on Xbox 360) and I love it so much. I'm happy they're releasing a Definitive Edition for this gem

5 months ago

Only Prison City looks good.

5 months ago

Breeze in Clouds looks awesome. It has a similar art style to Brok the InvestiGator. The Plucky Squire is definitely one to watch. Hope it releases on time and sells well. Great video.

5 months ago

Blud looks like a powerpuffgirls- episode …

Fuckin' awesome 😀

5 months ago

The artstyle is nice (Days of Doom), maybe it makes me try something new

5 months ago

Prison city looks so damn familiar. I’m sure there was a game that used a near identical art style.

5 months ago

#2 is great

5 months ago

Prison City: Beef Cake 80's Action Hero to the rescue – once more!

The mechanics look simple, obvious and fun. "Just like how I like my coffee!"

5 months ago

The "if game like this were made in the 80s, this is what they would be like" aesthetic is both popular and weird. It's like everyone's agreed on an imaginary alternate timeline. Kinda fun haha

5 months ago

the plucky squire, all else skip.

5 months ago


5 months ago

Nr 7 was indeed great on nintendo ttds
Nr 2 also looks fun

5 months ago

That art stile is so Dexter's lab

5 months ago

I love your channel so much, thanks for the work!

5 months ago

No 1 look a lot like the Teminator trying to escape Nightcity.
btw I really can't wait for Breeze in the Clouds to be released.

5 months ago

Great to see more Blud