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V Rising 1.0 will let you sip the blood of history’s greatest vampire

With the V Rising 1.0 update just weeks away after two full years in early access, the vampire survival game is set to introduce the most iconic blood-sucking tyrant of them all into the fold. In its latest pre-launch teaser, developer Stunlock Studios showcases the Ruins of Mortium, home to the one and only Count Dracula, and gives us a little taste of just what power his corrupted blood can offer us.

It’s been a long road to full release for V Rising, but with the full 1.0 launch set to finally arrive on Wednesday May 8, we’re finally due to see the finished vision for one of the most promising vampire games on Steam. As someone who’s been patiently waiting for the full release to really get stuck in, I’m excited for its arrival – and that of Count Dracula, who we’ll find lurking in the frozen Ruins of Mortium, an abandoned empire left untouched by sunlight.

Now, however, life is stirring in Mortium – thanks to a number of devoted cultists in service to Dracula, set on enabling his grand return. This in turn calls forth a new threat: the Draculin, creatures from the shadow realm who are tainted by the blood-soaked influence of the devouring dictator.

That might be rather troubling, but it’s actually as much of an opportunity as a threat. The distinctive blood of the Draculin offers unique powers to those who drink it – depending on its quality, you’ll earn benefits such as faster movement at night, more rapid healing, and even boons that ascend your abilities in combat, enabling you “to secure kills more easily and more often.”

Likewise, taking down Draculas’ oldest and closest assistants, the vampire generals of the Legion of Noctum, will allow you to unlock the full potential of your vampire lineage, granting you ancient powers and deepening your connection to the vampiric magic at your disposal as you fight your way to the very heart of Mortium, where you’ll face the Count himself in the depths of the shadow realm.

V Rising Legacy of Castlevania - Alucard and Maria in the cosmetic add-on for the vampire survival game.

That all sounds delightfully enticing to me – and who could say no to a chance to go fang-to-fang with the most famous vampire of them all? For those of you who prefer your names written backwards, there’s even the additional cosmetic premium pack Legacy of Castlevania to look forward to, which is also set to arrive alongside version 1.0 on Wednesday May 8.

While we await the arrival of V Rising 1.0, you’ll find plenty more worlds to explore and thrive in among the best open-world games, along with the best survival games if you prefer to be pushed to your limits by the wilderness.

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