Valorant leads the charge on enforcing Windows TPM to perma-ban cheaters’ hardware

Microsoft might be making a bit of a mess of the runup to launch, but Windows 11 is coming on October 5, and with it a bunch of new system requirements. You can read about the nitty-gritty here but one element that Microsoft is positioning as core to Windows 11’s whole package is the Trusted Platform Module (TPM 2.0). Here’s an explainer of exactly what TPM’s doing and why, but one important aspect of it is: it makes life a lot harder for bad actors and means that if a specific piece of hardware or device ID gets banned, you can’t just make up a new one and continue hacking away.

It’s worth briefly pausing here to say that, while the TPM requirement is new, TPM has been around since 2016 (and Windows 10 also technically demands it, though never seems to put this into action). And obviously, Windows 10 is promised support until 2025, so it’s not like we all need to panic about getting TPM-ready just yet.

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