Valve responds to antitrust lawsuit, defends Steam’s 30% cut

In April, Wolfire Games filed an antitrust lawsuit against Valve, alleging that it uses Steam’s dominance of the PC game market to suppress competition and extract “an extraordinarily high cut” of sales made through its storefront. In a response filed earlier this week, Valve has asked that the lawsuit be dismissed outright, because it “fails to allege the most basic elements of an antitrust case.”

One of the central claims Wolfire made in its lawsuit is that Valve prevents developers and publishers from selling Steam keys at lower prices on other storefronts than it does on Steam. That’s bad for game makers but also for gamers, according to Wolfire, because it means sellers have to keep their prices high in order to afford Valve’s 30% cut. Wolfire is the creator of Receiver and martial arts game Overgrowth.

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