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‘Very positive’ RPG game legend now suddenly free on Steam

While making a game from scratch can be pretty daunting, creation software aimed at easing newcomers into the process can help. Right now, as part of a broader celebration of Gotcha Gotcha Games’ RPG Maker series, players can get to work on their own take on JRPG style games, like the early entries to Dragon Quest or Final Fantasy, by picking up a free copy of RPG Maker XP on Steam.

Long a favorite choice for those looking to make their own RPG games, RPG Maker XP originally came out in 2005, and has been followed up by a number of new editions for PC, most recently RPG Maker MZ in 2020.

XP is free to claim right now as part of Steam’s RPG Maker Festival 2024, which runs from today, Monday February 12, to Monday February 19. Though it’s nearly two decades old at this point, RPG Maker XP is still more than capable of giving players the tools necessary to start creating their own work, and a good idea of what goes into making an RPG game.

Anyone put off by putting their time into an older iteration of RPG Maker, though, can grab newer entries like RPG Maker MZ for 50% off or older versions like RPG Maker MV for 85% off during Festival 2024.

We should note, too, that Steam’s event page explains that February 15 is ‘RPG Maker Day,’ so make sure to scribble that down on your calendars in between getting to work on your new project.

Otherwise, if you’d rather play pre-existing RPG games than make your own, check out our list of the best fantasy games and JRPGs.

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