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Video: Can We Find An eShop Gem By Playing Random Games? Alex Investigates

The Switch eShop can be a dark and dreary place. The storefront is home to some absolute gems, but a multitude of rushed, rip-off and scam games can turn these beauties from a shining beacon to a needle in a haystack.

Here to prove that there are still some good games out there, our video producer Alex set out on the hunt for something special. To do so, he got his hands on five random eShop games (ones we didn’t review on the site) and took them for a spin in the hope of finding a goodun. Did he manage it? Well, you’ll just have to watch the above video to find out.

It’s no spoiler to say that Alex experiences the full range of eShop quality on offer in this one, and he’s ready to hand out a recommendation or a pass at the end of each test drive too. So, give it a watch (or check out the original longer stream) and see if it is still possible to stumble on an eShop gem.

If you have found an eShop delight that we at Nintendo Life are still yet to check out, perhaps it could be a good recommendation for our Games We Missed series. You can find the latest wave of reader picks below.

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