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Video: Digital Foundry Talks 8-Inch ‘Switch 2’ Screen, Joy-Con Compatibility

With rumours of a potential Switch successor landing in 2024, there’s much talk on exactly what the system will entail and whether it will retain the overall concept of Nintendo’s hybrid console.

One of the most recent rumours doing the rounds is regarding the console’s screen size, with one analyst noting that it will likely come packing an 8-inch LCD screen. This is a full inch larger than the current Switch – OLED Model, and Digital Foundry has discussed the potential implications this might have on the successor’s form factor and Joy-Con compatibility.

Crucially, it seems that if the screen on the Switch successor is larger than the current system, then it stands to reason that the current Joy-Con would not fit and therefore not be compatible. John Linneman even goes so far as to say that the Switch’s successor may not even come with detachable controllers:

“I would not be surprised to see the Joy-Con removed entirely and replaced by on-board controls. I think the Joy-Con concept was neat; it kinda worked but in practice I suspect that people weren’t switching between them that often, and it ultimately made the machine somewhat flimsier, it was another point of failure. When holding it, it always had a little bit of a wiggle to it, just a little bit, enough to think “This doesn’t feel great in the hands”. And I never used the Joy-Con really; when I dock, I just used the Pro Controller, so I wouldn’t mind that either.”

Richard Leadbetter then points out that if the Joy-Con concept were removed, Nintendo would have to include a separate controller in the box if it wishes to retain the same ‘Switch’ concept. Doing so would likely add to the potential cost of the unit.

Ultimately, Digital Foundry acknowledges that there’s still much that we don’t know about the Switch’s successor, so this is all merely speculation for the time being. Leadbetter practically ends the discussion by stating “I just want some answers at this point”.

Don’t we all, Rich. Don’t we all.

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