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Video: Digital Foundry’s Technical Analysis Of Persona 5 Royal On Switch

Persona 5 Royal got released on the Nintendo Switch last month and the tech experts have now put every console version of the game to the test. So how does the Switch version hold up? Firstly, it is a full-featured version of the game, without any fundamental cutbacks. Even the loading times remain quick.

There are areas where the game has taken a hit though. Texture resolution and the texture assets are “significantly degraded” – especially in comparison to the PlayStation 4 version. Shadows also aren’t quite as noticeable. In isolation, texture resolution is still “mostly fine” but there are some downgrades.

In terms of resolution, in docked mode, the game renders at 1440 x 810, which is slightly above 720p, and in portable mode it’s 960 x 540. In handheld, players can expect a slightly “blurry” experience and a lower resolution than other major Atlus titles on Switch, which mostly target 1280×720.

As for performance, on Switch, you can expect a locked frame rate of 30fps in handheld and docked mode. Digital Foundry sums up the Switch port as “less than ideal” – with the main criticism being tied to the “substandard” image quality. Overall though, there are “no bad ports here”.

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