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Voodoo Detective, a point-and-click adventure featuring a thrilling cast, is out now on iOS and Android

Voodoo Detective, Short Sleeve Studios’ point-and-click adventure game is officially out on mobile and PC. It is an immersive noir story, that pays homage to iconic games of the genre like Monkey Island and King’s Quest. With equal amounts of hoodoo and whodunnit, Voodoo Detective promises to take players on a bizarre journey with a powerful soundtrack and an even more packed cast.

Voodoo Detective takes place on an island called New Ginen, in the year 1934. What is the island known for? You guessed it – Voodoo magic, which attracts tourists from all over the world. Players will assume the role of a private investigator who desperately needs to fill his pockets. His life is about to change as he takes on the case of Mary Fontule, an amnesiac, whose memories the detective must help regain. But the entire mystery is so riveting that it may just end up collapsing the fabric of existence.

Describing the game, Eric Fulton & Eric Ackerman, the two heroes behind Short Sleeve Studios, said: “With Voodoo Detective, we invite you to escape to a whimsical world of magic, music, and mystery. It’s a neo-noir with a Voodoo twist told through the time-honored tradition of pointing and clicking. Think of it like a delicious adventure hot dog where the meat is a rich story nestled in an oven fresh bun of satisfying puzzles and amusing dialogue.”

As mentioned above, Voodoo Detective features an excellent cast with famous voice actors from hits like Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Final Fantasy, Fallout, Diablo, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Star Trek, Austin Powers, and many more who will take players on a crazy ride. Add to that a soundtrack composed by Peter McConnell, the man behind the music in Grim Fandango, Monkey Island, and Psychonauts, Voodoo Detective is going to be a delight to the ears.

If you’re ready to solve this peculiar case, then download Voodoo Detective for a premium of $14.99 on the App Store and Google Play.

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