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Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine 2 – Extended Gameplay Trailer | PS5 Games

Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine 2 unleashes a 10-minute Extended Gameplay Trailer at the Focus Entertainment Showcase.

Watch Lieutenant Titus take on swarms of hundreds of Tyranids with his Ultramarine brothers Chairon and Gadriel.

Today, Focus Entertainment and Saber Interactive, in partnership with Games Workshop, are thrilled to unveil the most extensive look at Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine 2’s gameplay to date. In this 10-minute Extended Gameplay trailer, the explosive third-person action game shows Lieutenant Titus and his battle brothers Chairon and Gadriel taking on swarms of Tyranids on the Planet Avarax. The game will release on PlayStation 5.

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May contain content inappropriate for children. Visit for rating information.


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19 days ago

Why we never got a Starcraft game with this style is BEYOND me.

19 days ago

The only things that are missing for this to be a masterpiece is more gore and better guardsmen reaction/animations.

19 days ago

Console shooters outside of competitive play need much better aim assistance. Aiming is hard to do with a stick.

19 days ago

So this isnt coming out on pc?… That would be very disappointing.

19 days ago

If I wanted to get into the world of Warhammer, how should I get started? Are there other games in this series?

19 days ago

How do prop up morale in the Imperium?

Cadia stands! 😀 🥁

19 days ago

Reminds me of gears of war. Looks promising!

19 days ago

If this is complete by the time of release, and escapes the AAA curse games have been going through lately, I’m in

19 days ago

Pauldrons seem too small.

19 days ago

Consider me a pre order customer

19 days ago

Cuando sale?

19 days ago

Please, give us the option to put our helmet on.

19 days ago

im most excited to play the pve mode they said would be in game i cant wait to recreate the space marine 1 lobbies but with hd primaris brothers now

19 days ago

I just hope we can wear helmet and also see chaos marines

19 days ago

Increíble 🎉 espero ver los que logren pasar este juego en el modo más difícil, serán los mejores gameplay

19 days ago

ขอให้มี ซับไทยเถอะ 🙏🏼

19 days ago

This is going to be insane 👌

19 days ago

Looks kinda like gears of war. Dope

19 days ago

This isn't well optimized I can see a lot of stutters and fps drops

19 days ago

Next time, don’t anounce the game 3 years out. I’m just not tht excited anymore.

19 days ago

No matter how stunning is the graphic. A shooter game with bad movement/mobility is a meh… 🫤

19 days ago

Parece ser bom este jogo

19 days ago

I don't know the lore, but there a "Gears 5" vybe to this🤔🤔 But it's really really nice!

19 days ago

Do these guys ever sleep or use the bathroom?

19 days ago

gears of war with warhammer skins !