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Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine 2 – Official Extended Gameplay

Watch Lieutenant Titus take on swarms of hundreds of Tyranids with his Ultramarine brothers Chairon and Gadriel.

Warhammer 40k: Space Marine 2 will be released for PS5, XBox Series X/S, and PC via Steam.

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1 month ago

Gears of wars vibe. I would want a new army of 2 for ps5.

1 month ago

Henry Cavill likes that

1 month ago

That shot with the thousands upon thousands of gargoyles swarming around is scarier than any horror movie I've seen.

1 month ago

sound effect seems pretty weak

1 month ago

bro what is this

1 month ago

Titus sounding a lot different, still looks great though

1 month ago

Looks awesome

1 month ago

Grabbing those aliens by tails, throwing and tearing apart looks nice. Fun for the whole family

1 month ago

Does no one else think thr gameplay just looks…meh?

1 month ago

Awesome gameplay!

1 month ago

that falling bell really should have rang

1 month ago

I'm happy they're not rushing it out. Please take your time on this one! I will accept nothing short of a masterpiece. No pressure though.

1 month ago

Can't wait to see what the HUD looks like, I'm sure it won't just be open screen. Also the semi-destructible environment is a really nice touch.

1 month ago

Gears of Warhammer

1 month ago

Why is the helmet missing?

1 month ago

Jesus its so exiting when He opens that gate lifting it at a beginning yeea

1 month ago


1 month ago

Any word on the release date?

1 month ago

Have this game been released? Ir so can you play as different races? And are there any strategy in it? They should make it into a mmo.

1 month ago

❤I wanna see a Terminator armor on Titus.

1 month ago

Definitely should switch to first person for the shooter segments

1 month ago

Make the bolters louder, like cannons announcing the coming of the gods.

1 month ago

It does bother me that it’s another Ultramarine game, I’d appreciate that ability to play as other loyalist legions, like my personal favourite, the Whitescars

1 month ago

its time to hear god's voice and get the angels together and go home.

1 month ago

but can you put on your helmet ?

1 month ago

Never played any of the war hammer games and I heard one of them Is free on the Xbox is it this one??

1 month ago

I think the overly colorful weapon effects look terrible. Why does the chainsword draw a neon-yellow trail when it is swung?

1 month ago

Where helmet 🙁

1 month ago

Totally not scripted…

1 month ago

Teaser at the end — jump pack and Eldar :O

1 month ago

I don't care who ends up making it if it's made well, but please make a second Mordheim video game with less bugs, better graphics and such. Just the same formula, but polished. Please.

1 month ago

Is Mark Strong back? Titus sounds diffrent

1 month ago

I've never played any Warhammer game. But I listened to all of WesHammer's lore video's while I worked which got me interested.
This looks beautiful….and gory.

1 month ago

I wish they would give us a release date already! Can’t wait!

1 month ago

Why did they have to change the voice actor for captain ttitus.

1 month ago

if this is anything as good as the 1st game then I'm satisfied! Glory to the god emperor!

1 month ago

It's so gore, i love it

1 month ago

Is it possible to go into first person

1 month ago

We need some of these enemies in darktide.

1 month ago

Wait, Lieutenant Titus? Is this a prequel to the first game?

1 month ago

Let’s hope they let us put on the helmet

1 month ago

I already know my mission is gonna be trying to save as many guardsmen as possible

1 month ago

Getting gears of war vibes

1 month ago

Its almost like gears of wars

1 month ago

Beat way to make a games combat feel weighty is just make a split second slow mo everytime you hit something lol

1 month ago

I think my only gripe is maybe making the sounds a little crispier and the music more present

1 month ago

Do we have a release date yet?

1 month ago

Any news on a release date with this it looks amazing