Warhammer 40k: Darktide Weapon Perks List

Weapon Perks are just one of a handful of ways you can customize your build in Warhammer 40k: Darktide, but until the first post-launch patch update, there was no way to modify Perks on either weapons or Curios.

The new Refine Item function at the Shrine of the Omnissiah now allows you to reroll Perks on both types of equipment, though it’s not free and certainly not without its fair share of RNG just like every other aspect of the game. Check out our guide to rerolling Perks in Darktide if you want more information on how the whole process works.

Darktide Weapon Perks

This guide won’t go over the number specifics because they are aren’t well documented. What you need to know is that you can see a Perk’s tier next to its description.

Perks go from Tier 1 to Tier 4, so you’ll see one to four diamonds next to a Perk to indicate its tier. If it’s got four diamonds, it’s the best version of that Perk right now (December 2022) you’re going to get. With that, let’s get to the list.

  • + Melee Damage (Elites)
  • + Ranged Damage (Elites)
  • + Stamina
  • + Stamina (Weapon is Active)
  • + Sprint Efficiency
  • + Reload Speed
  • + Attack Speed
  • + Crit Chance
  • + Block Efficiency
  • + Melee Critical Hit Chance
  • + Ranged Critical Strike Chance
  • + Damage (Carapace Armoured Enemies)
  • + Damage (Flak Armoured Enemies)
  • + Damage (Infested Enemies)
  • + Damage (Maniacs)
  • + Damage (Unarmoured Enemies)
  • + Damage (Unyielding Enemies)
  • + Melee Damage (Specialists)
  • + Melee Damage (Groaners, Poxwalkers)
  • + Melee Weak Spot Damage
  • + Ranged Damage (Specialists)
  • + Ranged Weak Spot Damage

The diamond indicators noted above will tell you if you’ve got a good version of a particular Perk or not.

Perks may not be as fun as Blessings, but they’re still impactful and a vital part of a build. If you found this guide helpful, check out our Curio Perk list or our other Darktide guides on GameSkinny.

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